Wedding Cake Decisions

Hi!!! Oh my goodness, I feel like it has been so long since I’ve posted. I have missed reflecting on all of the delicious food in my life. Trust me, it’s been extra delicious. You can also trust me when I say my long weekend to Columbus involved about three times as much food as I should have been eating. I guess that’s why I keep working out and eating well when I can, because the occasional weekend like that is all too fun.

The theme of the weekend was wedding planning. And the highlight of the planning comes in the form of cake! We met with a total of three different bakers in less than 24 hours. Greg stuck with me for the first two, but left my mom, sister and me to handle the last one on our own. He caked himself out.

Our first stop was with a familiar baker, a family friend whose cakes we have had several times before. We tasted the cookies and cream and also a vanilla filled with strawberries. Both were relatively light and not overly sweet. The portfolio of wedding cake pictures was amazing. Every single one looked absolutely perfect.

The second stop was with a baker whom was recommended to me from a friend. We went to the bakery in downtown Columbus and were given three different cupcakes to try: Chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. These were sweeter than the first, but I was not blown away. I felt like they were something I could make on my own at home from a box. The cakes were beautiful as well, but I still had some underlying reservations. 

The last baker we met gave us samples of vanilla, chocolate and raspberry cakes. The vanilla and raspberry were frosted with an almond buttercream and the chocolate was frosted with regular vanilla buttercream. I like the almond buttercream for the first bite or two, but ultimately decided I’m a regular old vanilla girl. Combined with that chocolate cake…..gahhhhhhhh. I love that one so much.
It was a tough decision, but we think we found our winner 🙂 We still have some thinking to do in terms of finalizing flavors and the design (thankfully we still have several months!). I know time is going to fly, but I just can’t wait to have the final product on display at the reception and cut into it with Greg on our wedding day!
I still have more food from the trip to share with you tomorrow so be sure to come back to see the rest. 
Have a great day!