Living LIfe

That’s what I’ve been up to these days. Things like buying and moving into our house (!!!) and shopping for real people things like a washer/dryer and furniture at places other than Goodwill leave little time for the internet world.

No time to blog. Heck, no time to even read my favorite blogs like I used to be able to do every day. I miss it, but to be honest I think I would miss it more if it wasn’t so refreshing. Less time behind the computer means more face time with my family and friends. It’s been good.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back to a more regular schedule, but it will happen when other life things slow down a bit.

Have a fantabulous week!

Sunday Blessings – Trust

Today I am praying for my ability to fully trust God. Human nature brings doubtful thoughts into my head, but I really do trust there is a reason it’s taking forever and half to find out if we will actually be able to close on our house this week.

Really, I do. (ugh)

I trust that he is molding me into someone who can be a disciple for others. We are all pieces of God’s beautiful artwork and he is continually shaping us to fit into his plan. God calls all of us to serve him in different ways, no matter how ordinary or unimportant we may feel.

Sometimes it takes risks or stepping out of our comfort zone to follow his calling. This is NOT my strong suite. So I will pray for trust every step of the way and leave every worry to my Father. 

What I’m Loving Wednesday (9-11-13)

1. Today my baby girl turns ONE YEAR OLD! Can you tell how thrilled she is?

She has been such a blessing in my life. She makes me smile and laugh every single day and I truly can’t imagine life without her.

P.S. I’ve said this before, but I really don’t know how I will be able to handle the love of a real human baby one day. My heart is so full of love being a puppy mom already. Plus, I’ve already used just about every possible nickname on Zoey that I would feel bad using the same ones on a human.

2. After taking most of the summer off, this evening we got together with some friends to start a new Bible study series. We are using the book Follow Me. I am looking forward to seeing our friends on a regular basis again and growing our relationships with God, both individually and as a group. The small group studies that we started together earlier this year have been life-changing for me.

3. This song. Ohmygosh I can’t get enough. I first heard it at a church service with my friend Hannah a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to stop listening to it. I listen on my short drive to work in the morning, when I need help de-stressing at work, on evening walks and sometimes going to sleep at night. 
Oceans, by Hillsong United
4. Homemade pizza! Pizza has consistently made it’s way into our weekly dinner menu as of late. I switch it up a little each time in terms of shape, crust thickness and toppings. Last night, I topped the thick crust with bacon/pepperoni/caramelized onion/jalapeno for Greg, and reserved a quadrant of the pie for me with asparagus/caramelized onion/goat cheese. Not too pretty, but awfully delicious. 
5. Although today is a somber day of remembrance for all of those who were affected on 9/11/01, I like to see the silver lining. We will never forget how we felt that day, but the tragic events brought our country closer together. It is just another reason to be grateful for the country we get to call home and proud of all of those who fight to defend our freedom, making this country so great. 
6. Hearing your thoughts! Tell me something you’re loving…ready, go!

Weekend Eats {Charlottesville Edition} 9-3-13

This weekend Greg and I traveled to Charlottesville, VA for Greg’s best man’s wedding. Before all of that fun began, I got to spend Thursday evening with my brother Austin. Him and his college roommate Zach stopped in Charleston for a couple days before going to a wedding of one of their friend’s in Augusta.

Are you keeping up with all of this? I’m starting to confuse myself with all of these places and names so I’m sure it’s not easy for you either. Sorry.

Page’s Okra Grill has quickly become my new favorite place and it was all I could think about when dinnertime came along. I had originally told Austin and Zach I would cook for them, but my kitchen was a disaster and going out sounded much better.

dinner at pages
We had a great time, although one evening wasn’t nearly long enough to catch up with my boys. Come back soon!
I worked a half-day on Friday then Greg and I hit the road. The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were on Saturday. The groom’s uncle has a farm in Charlottesville that made a great setting for the casual dinner. A catered BBQ dinner complete with mac and cheese, collard greens and cole slaw. Yum!
bbq dinner
On Sunday afternoon, Greg, his parents and I grabbed lunch from Citizen Burger in downtown Charlottesville. Greg and I went to Citizen Burger day before for a drink and some appetizers with a few friends. The extensive beer list quickly caught Greg’s attention and the truffle fries were more than worth the splurge for me. We were excited to try a full lunch this time around. 
vegan burger
I had the Kinda Vegan burger: whole grain beet vegan patty, boursin cheese, sprouts, tomato, onion, avocado, cucumbers, tarragon vegenaise, on a multigrain bun. Most of the time I would sub veggies or a salad for fries, but I couldn’t resist those truffle fries. Love, love love. 
Later in the evening it was wedding time! The ceremony and reception were both at Trump Winery. It was absolutely gorgeous. Congrats Taylor and Courtney!
photo 5 (1)
We had a long drive ahead of us on Monday so didn’t spend anytime in the city. We were on the road within an hour of waking up and made it home around 4pm. The first thing on my mind was grocery shopping. Actually, I take that back. The first thing on my mind was a snack and I dove into some Publix fro yo in the freezer. Once snack time was out of the way, then it was time to stock up on groceries. 
I put together a snack tray for Greg and I to share for dinner. A little bit of everything is how I like it!
snack tray
Sliced baguette, olive oil/balsamic vinegar/spices for dipping, cucumber, hummus, pretzel crisps, grapes, cheese, pepperoni, corn, avocado. 
Done and done.
How was your Labor Day weekend?