Can I Take Your Order?

Tomorrow is a big day for me. It will be the debut of my first completed order of cookies.

Not that I have ever had an uncompleted order. But this one was close. Thanks to FedEx, the shipment didn’t make it to their destination in Columbus on time. The cookies were supposed to make their appearance on Sunday at the Ohio State vs. Michigan soccer game. Apparently the delivery man doesn’t understand the seriousness of delicately decorated baked goods arriving on time.

Someone in my household was telling me I needed to “simmer down.” He thought I was getting too worked up over the whole thing. This someone, like Mr. FedEx Man, doesn’t realize how important a cookie delivery is either.

It’s ok, I understand. Maybe there was something more important to delivery, like…a baby? Yeah right. FedEx delivery man, consider yourself forgiven this time. But next time you may not be so lucky.

Anyway, back to the food.

My cousin Sage plays soccer for OSU, so my aunt and uncle placed the order for the tailgate they were having before the game.

I was thrilled to have business and couldn’t wait to get started on their custom order! I knew I would stick with my go-to sugar cookie recipe. I have been making them a lot lately. But these would be the best ones yet.

I made soccer balls….

…A little more challenging than I was expecting, but I thought they turned out so cute!
I also made various other OSU themed designs. 
#5 for my favorite soccer player…which was also my number back in my water polo-playing days. So sentimental. 
Ok, I know these ones look a little purple. I wasn’t going crazy mixing up my team colors, but it was hard to make gray from scratch! Have you ever tried? I thought a little black mixed with white made gray. Apparently it makes purple. 
Lesson learned.
I know there is no way the icing designs on the cookies stayed this crisp on their extra long voyage north. Even if I hadn’t packed them like the biggest baking amateur in the world, four days of traveling in the heat probably didn’t keep them looking their best.
I heard they still look great, but I’m a little nervous to know exactly what that means. 

So, if you happen to be one of those people at the tailgate tomorrow that see my cookies, just remember…they really did look good at one point! See above for proof 🙂

Thank you SO much to my Uncle Matt and Aunt Maria who gave me my first real business in what I hope will become much larger over the next few years. I really wish the cookies had made it for the tailgate for the Michigan game, but at least the Buckeyes won. Now everyone can enjoy them before the even more important game tomorrow against the defending national champs!