Poor Bambi

Here it is…

The mystery meat.

Wanna take a guess at what we (Greg) grilled last night?
Deer! Venison, Bambi…whatever you want to call it. Sorry for bringing up Bambi, but I couldn’t help but have a sense of humor as Greg and I cooked a meal like this last night. 
Greg got the meat as a Christmas gift from one of his clients. Thoughtful, huh? I have had deer meat a couple of times before when one of Greg’s best friends Taylor made it for us…wrapped in bacon. I have to say, I don’t hate it. Definitely not my first choice of meat, but not terrible either.
We made sure to marinate the meat well in advance to get the most flavor as possible. We started marinating it on Thursday night and didn’t start cooking until almost 24 hours later. 
While Greg took the meat to the grill, I was too much of a baby and insisted the almost 60 degree weather in January was too cold to be outside. I had a good excuse anyway, because we needed side dishes for our deer. 

I stayed inside and caramelized some onions and garlic in margarine before adding asparagus spears and a splash of marsala wine sauce. Yuuummmmyy. 
I also whipped up some mashed potatoes using potato flakes! We have had some in the cabinet for awhile now, ever since Greg started experimenting with homemade sourdough bread. I figured this would be a good chance to use some of those flakes up and they were much better than I would have thought! Have you ever made mashed potatoes from boxed potato flakes? So fast and easy. Not a bad copout from the real thing if you ask me. 

Apparently deer meat is fairly lean compared to most other meats. That helped me justify eating a couple extra bites too.

It really did turn out as good as it could have been. Maybe a little pink, but it didn’t look quite that pink in real life. I think that’s mostly from the lighting. And pink is a good color anyway. Only my fave to be exact. Plus, I told Greg, “Well, if we die, at least we die together.” 🙂 
After dinner last night, we stayed in for a quiet evening. Watching movies and eating ice cream. Great combination. Hey, I didn’t want to go too crazy because I have a big morning! Greg and I are going to take a cooking class downtown! He signed us up for the class for one of my Christmas presents. I have been dying to do a cooking class and I can’t wait to let you know how it goes!
Have a great, relaxing Saturday!