Fresh Mozzarella Salad, Recreated.

A couple of years ago when my family was visiting me in Charleston, we ate at a little restaurant downtown where my sister Brooke ordered the Fresh Mozzarella Salad.

This had been before my current tomato-liking days. And as much as I like cheese, fresh mozzarella was a little weird to me for some reason. I had tried it, but it tasted a little bland to me and I didn’t care for the texture. So the salad would not have been on my list of choices back then, but I could still appreciate how pretty it was. 
Through all of my recent recipe searching and food blog reading, I have seen gorgeous pictures of dishes using fresh mozzarella and have constantly been reminded of this salad. I thought I could give it a second chance. I grew up learning to forgive, and what had the mozzarella ever really done to me anyway? I already knew that tomato is something I have grown to love as well. 
When I saw the cheese on sale last week, I didn’t hesitate to grab a ball and a nice juicy tomato. 
I couldn’t have been happier with my recreation of the fresh mozzarella salad. I served it with an assortment of baked Pillsbury bread on the side. Not just your ordinary Pillsbury breads though. On their website they have a long list of different recipe ideas for their product. For example, I shook a little Italian seasoning on the breadsticks before baking and even twisted some into pretzels (those were my favorite!) And I couldn’t eat this meal without a nice glass of red wine.

There she is. Isn’t she beautiful? And it was so quick and simple. 

Here she is again, finished off with the seasoning and oil.
I highly recommend this light, easy meal any day of the week. I only made one salad, but it would be just as easy to make multiple servings. It’s healthy, flavorful and filling. A trifecta in my book! (Oh boy, that just reminded me of the real Trifecta from First Watch…I’ll have to save that for another day!)
Fresh Mozzarella Salad
Makes 1 salad
2-3 cups Romaine lettuce (or leafy greens of your choice)
2 oz. fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced
1/2 of a tomato, sliced
2-3 tablespoons balsamic vinaigrette 
Salt and pepper to taste
1. Spread lettuce onto plate or salad bowl
2. Top with tomato and mozzarella slices, alternating as you go
3. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette
See, that was as easy as 1, 2, 3!