Pregnancy Streams of Thought

Having the day off work today for MLK Day has been such a blessing. Why can’t every weekend be a three-day weekend? With lots of thoughts running through my head and not much else on the agenda for the day, I figured it was the perfect timing for another post.

This morning I’m especially grateful for the hot cup of coffee Greg prepared and brought to me in bed. We often do this on weekends – slowly wake up, one of us asks the other to go make coffee, and we proceed to sip on it in bed while watching the news or videos on our phones for a while. The only thing missing was a doughnut. A chocolate-iced, cream-filled doughnut (my all-time favorite). You see, last weekend we picked up doughnuts for breakfast on Saturday to enjoy with our coffee. Are coffee and doughnuts not the most perfect combination in the world? I think so. But I also think it’s best not to make that a weekly habit, especially for the sake of the baby girl growing inside of me. So maybe a bi-weekly habit instead šŸ˜‰

In all seriousness, now that I’m well past the nausea phase of pregnancy, I’m trying to keep my diet in check and actually eat vegetables and other whole foods as much as I can. To clarify, I am using the word “diet” in terms of my general food intake, not saying I am on a restrictive “diet” of ANY kind. While I wanted nothing to do with any vegetablesĀ and most fruitsĀ for a while, I do find them tasting at least somewhat enjoyable these days. Even if it means feelingĀ like Kevin when Michael tried to force feed him broccoli.


Homemade salads still don’t do it for me, so Verde has been my favorite way to fit it lots of greens while satisfying my taste buds at the same time. What perfect timing since they recently opened a location about a mile from my office.


I am just about to the third trimester of this pregnancy and can’t believe how quickly it’s going. While I am so excited to have my baby here, the reality of bringing another human life into the world has hit me hard this week. One of my best friends had a baby girl about two weeks ago and visiting with them so close to my own due date has really caused me to pause and soak in these last couple months of just Greg and me.

I’ve also struggled with sudden fear of, “Oh my gosh how am I going to protect this child from all of the bad, evil, scary things in this world?!” How do I make sure she’s a good kid, stays safe from physical harm, or makes friends? I’m trusting my own parents’ influence on my life, combined with God’s will and direction, will lead the way Greg and I raise our daughter.

Before we need to worry more about that, Greg and I will be taking one last getaway, just the two of us…plus Zoey. For my Christmas/birthday gift, we’re going to Asheville, NC! We will be there the last weekend in January and hoping to see at least a little snow. Zoey is ready to brave the coldĀ in her new “boyfriend sweater” she opened on Christmas.


I always thought dogs dressed in clothes was ridiculous, but having a dog who is cold all the time just makes me want to help her be comfortable.

We have a list of restaurants to try and I’ll be getting a facial at the Grove Park Inn. I’m sure we’ll spend time at the Biltmore, but otherwise I would love to get recommendations. Please share!