Wraps, Meatballs and Cupcakes

Hi friends! How’s your week going? Hang in there, because we only have one more day until it’s Friday!

I haven’t been doing too much this week besides a little thing they call work. Fun stuff. But the weather has still been beautiful, making my outdoor runs the perfect de-stressing activity.

Besides my new and improved Coconut Cake and some truly great Waffles of Insane Greatness, the words “quick” and “easy” have been a theme for the rest of my meals. Last Sunday, I returned to one of my favorite lunch spots downtown. Black Bean Co. needs to come to Mt. Pleasant…or even better, Daniel Island. BBC, if you’re listening…please come. Pleeeease?? 🙂

All I have ever had is their Festival Wrap with turkey, zucchini, black beans and jasamine rice. So dang delicious. The first couple of times I went there, I had the pasta salad as my side. I was happy to hear they expanded their side dish menu and opted for the yogurt this time. Excellent choice on my part! It was the most creamy yogurt ever. There were vanilla beans, granola, and raisins mixed in too. 
Skip ahead to dinner last night. I bought these meatballs solely because they were BOGO and my only regret is that I didn’t buy more while they were on sale. I didn’t think Greg would want anything to do with the turkey meatballs, but he was the one who pulled it out of the fridge to make. Maybe I’m rubbing off on him after all…
(Photo from here)

The package only includes the meat and sauce, so we cooked spaghetti to complete the meal. I really loved the turkey meatballs and will be buying these again!

Then came dessert. The triple layer coconut cake is hanging on by a thread, but I managed to snag another piece. While the cake has just about vanished, I still have a tub of leftover coconut frosting. What to do, what to do?!

I could just eat the frosting by the spoonful….orrrrr I could bake some cupcakes!

And that’s exactly what I did. I halved the recipe, which ended up making about 18 cupcakes. I also skipped the pineapple/coconut/pecan filling part for these. I will be taking these to work tomorrow. While I have enjoyed every bite of coconut cake this week, my body is telling me it’s about time I stop. 
For the second half of the batch, I added blue food coloring. I am giving these to Greg’s boss whose wife just had a baby boy last weekend! Cute, right? 🙂
Have a great day everyone!