East Bay Deli

It took me a couple of years living in Charleston until I discovered the deli with the biggest menu in the world, or as more commonly known: East Bay Deli. 

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It was my brother Austin who took me for the first time. As if the main menu isn’t enough, there is a chalkboard full of daily specials to add to the already difficult decision. But ever since my first trip, Tessa’s Turkey caught my attention and has held it ever since. 
Greg and I stopped by before going to the aquarium on Sunday. At first I thought I was in the mood to sway from Old Trusty Tessa. But when a line quickly built up behind us and I had to make a quick decision, I stuck with Tessa’s Turkey. Even if I was in the mood to try something new, I needed much more time to make sure the change would be worth it. It just wasn’t meant to be. 
Tessa’a Turkey=Smoked turkey breast, cream cheese, avocado spread, bacon and grilled onions on a kaiser roll. 
I have always loved the cream cheese/turkey combo. I think I got that from my momma. That, combined with bacon and grilled onions, makes one delicious sandwich. 
The bread for this sandwich was different than I remembered. I don’t know if they ran out of the white roll they used to use, or if they made a permanent menu change, but either way it was for the better. The whole wheat roll with some grains on top added more flavor and texture than the old version. 
Greg stuck with his go-to sandwich too.
The Ham and Pineapple Melt. This is one of their daily specials, although it is on the menu every single time we go. Sooo I don’t know why it’s considered “special.” Anyway, Greg has never gotten anything besides this sandwich and probably never will.
Both sandwiches (and all of them for that matter) are served with potato chips and a pickle spear. Every once in awhile I’ll swap for fruit, but for $1.79 extra, it’s upgrade I don’t always like to take. FYI, most sandwiches on the menu range from $6.99-7.99.
Some of the sandwiches can be big enough for two meals (depending how hungry you are obviously) and with such a wide selection, you really can’t go wrong with East Bay Deli. Besides the lunch sandwiches, they have wraps, salads (including a great salad bar), soups, bagels and breakfast sandwiches. Andddd desserts! I have never had one, but they have ginormous cakes behind the counter. One day….