Weekend in Orlando, Afternoon in Beaufort

It turns out publishing my first blog post after several months away did not instantly bring back the blogging bug inside of me. With one of our biggest events of the year coming up at work next Saturday, my head has been in other places. Not to mention “baby brain” starting to take effect. I swear it’s a real thing. Just get me through this week and it’s all down hill from here. Thanksgiving! Christmas! Birthday month!

Until then, let’s recap. Last weekend, Greg and I ventured further south to Orlando to visit Brooke and Austin.

Orlando-Collage_11-15Yay for sibling time! (we missed you, Ryan!) The main reason for the trip was because Brooke and I had tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in Tampa. To sum it up: Amazing. I have never considered myself a huge T-Swift fan, but have enjoyed her music and have listened to her 1989 album on-and-off in my car for the past year. I know every word to every song (well, sometimes I make up my own words, but you know what I mean) and had the best time singing along with her live. After being to her concert, I have even more respect for her and everything she does. She is so talented.

We also saw Brooke steal the show (okay, I’m a little biased) at SeaWorld’s Shamu show. She recently switched jobs from working at Discovery Cove leading dolphin encounters to now taking center stage with the orcas. Watching her live her dream brought tears to my eyes. #ProudSister

On the drive home, when we would normally have lunch at Chipotle or another fast-food chain restaurant, Greg suggested stopping in Beaufort for something different. We took a slight detour off our route and found Lowcountry Produce Market and Cafe in downtown Beaufort. Greg even treated me to dessert at Common Ground Coffee.


Perk of being pregnant #1.

We enjoyed a short walk along the water before heading back home feeling happy, grateful and well-rested.

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