Better Each Day

The fridge and kitchen cabinets around here are getting pretty bare. It is making dinnertime more difficult this week, but Greg and I are finally getting through some nonperishable and frozen foods that have been filling up space for so long now. It is nice to actually see some of it disappear rather than let it uselessly sit on the shelves another day. 
I didn’t plan it this way, but this method is saving on the grocery bill and also helping de-clutter before we leave for Christmas next week. It’s a win-win situation.
See that tiny slice of pizza there? That was my dinner Monday night. Neither Greg or I felt like cooking  the little food we did have, and despite my insistance on wanting to eat a healthy dinner, Greg made the executive decision to heat up a frozen DiGiorno. In order to keep my commitment to healthy eating this week, I limited myself to one serving of the pizza: 1/6 of the pie. I steamed some baby carrots to eat on the side. Like that helped. Ha!
The pizza was amazing, no surprise there, but I was left unsatisfied with such a small amount.
I made sure to change things for Tuesday’s dinner.
Harris Teeter’s subs are delish and enormoussss. And when it’s free that makes it ten times for delish. How did I get it for free, you ask? Well with their VIC card they keep track of every time you buy a sub from their deli. You get one point for every half sub, and when you get 15 points, you get a free WHOLE sub (so enough for Greg AND me). 
I don’t really know how the sub points on Greg and my’s VIC card have been going up and up for the past month or two, because neither of us have been buying them. But somehow we had more than 15 points racked up and cashed them in for a free, much more satisfying than the one slice of DiGiorno, dinner. I realize although it was more satisfying, it was probably also about double the calories. But it was whole wheat bread and loaded with veggies. Whatever I have to tell myself, right? 😉
Then there was last night. 
Healthy and satisfying. AND I finally cooked the lemon-herb pre-seasoned chicken breasts in my freezer. 
I baked the breasts, topped with a little bit of cheese, then made it into a sandwich on a whole wheat bun. For a side, I sauteed sliced yellow squash, zucchini and onion. 
Dinner on Monday didn’t turn out so great, but each night has gotten better and better. At this rate, I should be having dinner at a five-star restaurant by the time Sunday rolls around!