Sweet, Sweet Revenge

You may have heard me talk about how excited I was to try a bakery in New York called Sweet Revenge. I don’t remember how I originally heard of the place, but I did. And the rest is history.

Sweet Revenge on Urbanspoon

This bakery established themselves on the concept of cupcake and wine pairings. Two of my favorite things.

But in addition to cupcakes and wine, they serve brunch and lunch among other desserts and pastries. There are several things on the menu that look great, but there was only one thing I wanted for brunch: Red Velvet Waffles.

Just like every other place in NY, the food was a bit overpriced ($11.95 for these two relatively small waffles and a small bowl of fruit), but it was worth the splurge. And, on a vacation where I was eating out for almost every meal, I honestly didn’t mind the smaller portions. 
Red velvet waffles taste just as amazing as you would imagine. And the salted caramel syrup made them even more delicious. 
Poor things…Didn’t stand a chance.
Greg had the “gigante” breakfast burrito and loved it. We also tried some cupcakes. The Pure (vanilla) was awesome.
Now that I am back home, it’s time to get in the swing of things again. I have a lot of baking and cooking to do to make up for my time away from the kitchen. One thing I now want to try: red velvet pancakes! How does THAT sound? I would try doing waffles, but that’s hard to do without a waffle iron 😉 I can’t complain though, my mom and Thom got me a brand new, b-e-a-utiful KitchenAid stand mixer and I can’t wait to use it!

A NYC Christmas – In Pictures

I’m baaaaaaack.
Did you miss me? I hope you all had a great Christmas. I sure did, but I missed being able to keep up with my writing. I am now home in Columbus for the next few days and looking forward to getting back on track and spending time with my family. It is GREAT to be home. 
But boy do I have a lot of catching up to do! Since I could go on and on for hours about all of my experiences from the trip to NYC, I thought some pictures might be the best way to share everything. After all, pictures are worth 1,000 words. And let’s be honest, the majority of the pictures I took were not of me and Greg or famous sights, but instead the food! So today we are just going to focus on those important pictures 🙂
Ok, now we can take quick break. What you see above are red velvet waffles. And they were one of the highlights of my trip. I will go into more detail about these another day, but I couldn’t leave them out of this post. 
Moving right along….

I think I had the opportunity to try most, if not all, of authentic New York-style foods…and much, much more. It was all pretty good, but I am glad to be back in a town with reasonable restaurant food prices. It was getting a liiiiittle ridiculous. The best deal we had were $5 margs during happy hour at a mexican restaurant. I was thrilled about that one. 
Before I go, I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Greg’s parents who took us on this trip. I got to see/do so much and enjoyed all of it. I am so grateful to be included in their family vacation and for them taking care of me and treating me like one of their own. I can’t say thank you enough!
Talk to you all tomorrow!
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Early Vacation and Christmas Cut-Outs

Today is officially my first day of Christmas vacation!! I was originally supposed to work today, but found out last minute that I had an extra vacation day or two that I hadn’t used and my boss told me I could take the day off. This was great news since Greg and I weren’t going to be able to leave until tonight, but now we can leave town much much earlier. 
We are headed to meet his family in NC this afternoon, then we all leave first thing tomorrow morning for NYC! I am so excited it is finally here. I really don’t have words to describe how excited I am. Because after what I know will be an amazing trip to NYC, Greg and I are flying straight to Columbus to see my family for a few days. 
It’s going to be an awesome vacation to say the least with some much-needed family time.
Don’t mind me while I backtrack in time for a minute….
We had a small office potluck at work yesterday and I contributed with my frosted sugar cookie cutouts
I have made these several times now (here, here and here). I just can’t stop. If you need a sugar cookie recipe, this is it. Hands down. No questions asked. 
The snowmen are my favorite. I decorated only two this way, then realized it was going to take me way too long to do all of them that way and I was getting tired. So I settled for sprinkles. But those were just as cute. 
Sugar cookie cut-outs are a tradition at my house and baking these the other night put me in the Christmas spirit even more so than I was before. Then I got to start my vacation a day early? I am loving this! 
With my big trip coming up, I honestly don’t know how much I’ll be on the computer (aka blogging), so please forgive me if I go missing for a few days at a time. I will try to check in as often as possible, because let’s face it, I will be missing you more than you miss me. 
Oh and I need some help before I go….if you have been to NYC, what do you recommend I see/do? (I have been once before in the summer, but I know there is so much more out there that I didn’t see before).