A Restaurant Review – Fulton Five

I was completely surprised by Greg’s restaurant choice for our (belated) Valentine’s Day dinner date last night. He wanted it to be a surprise, so didn’t give me many hints. I tried to guess, naming some popular spots downtown (the general location was one thing I did know, although in Charleston that still doesn’t help narrow it down much). This guessing game kept me extra focused and productive at work….NOT. I spent a good amount of the day researching restaurants that I thought we might be going to.

Even though I thought I had it narrowed down to two restaurants, it turned out that Greg’s choice wasn’t even ever on my radar.

Our reservation was at 6pm, so Greg picked me up from work to save a little time and we headed downtown. We parked on King Street (the main drag right through the middle of downtown) and began a short walk to this unknown place. We took an unexpected turn onto a side road and that’s when I saw it, Fulton Five.

I had heard of the restaurant before, but nothing specific at all…just that it existed.

The inside was fairly small with dim lights and candle-lit tables. I may have been over-excited by the fact I heard the hostess tell our waiter to seat us at “Table 13.” Greg’s birthday is January 13th and therefore his favorite number…therefore one of my favorite numbers. It was the perfect table!

Greg started with the brushetta, which was on special. It was topped with peas, celery root, ham (delish!), cheese and a balsamic reduction sauce.

There were a TON of peas on this baby and all of the flavors went so well together. 
I started with the Insalata di Funghi- “Grilled seasonal mushrooms over baby spinach dressed with truffle parmesan vinaigrette and asiago.”

This salad was so simple, but so so good. 
Then came the entrees. Oh boy, the entrees. 
Greg ordered the Filleto d’Espresso- a “Chocolate espresso rubbed filet”with asparagus and whipped potatoes. 
Ok so first thought here is, “Greg….chocolate?? No way.” But I decided his love for espresso must just be stronger than his dislike of chocolate. He agreed, that was the only explanation for his willingness to even try this in the first place.
We also agreed that this was an amazing choice. My single bite of that filet was probably the best bite of steak I have ever had. It was cooked to perrrrr-fection. So dang tender, he hardly needed a knife.
My choice wasn’t too shabby either. I almost didn’t even look at the menu, because the waiter’s description of the pasta special won me over right away. Lobster Gnocchi sounded like a winner to me. 
All of their pasta entrees, this one included, can be ordered in a small/appetizer size, or a large/entree size. Since I was having the salad to start, I figured the appetizer size would be plenty. And it was. The bowl of chewy gnocchi and tender lobster mixed in a lobster cream sauce filled me right up. 
I couldn’t have been much happier with our Fulton Five experience. The service wasn’t anything outstanding, but definitely not poor. It was much less “touristy” than most other restaurants in the area too, which I loved.
If my weekend is as good as that dinner, I’m going to have a great weekend!
P.S. I really hate having to use such grainy, discolored pictures, but it’s impossible to snap a good one in such a dark restaurant. But I just have to share so you can at least have some idea of what the food looked like, right?!
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