Simple Breakfast Sandwiches

For the second week in a row, Breakfast for Dinner was on the menu in this household. This time, the meal was much more savory than sweet.

With a coupon for a free loaf of bread from Great Harvest, I walked into the store during my lunch break and grabbed a fresh loaf of Oregano Basil bread. I was so tempted to get the heavenly Cinnamon Chip, but I wanted something more versatile. The girl behind the counter recommend this herb bread and described it as extra soft, and similar to focaccia. Sold! (But not really, because it was free! Yay!) She had also mentioned this was the bread they use to make breakfast sandwiches. That’s when I knew it was really perfect. As much as I love a good sandwich for lunch, breakfast sandwiches can be pretty special too. 
A breakfast sandwich sounded great for dinner, especially now that I had fresh bread to do it. 

I kept my sandwich very simple. Scrambled eggs mixed with a little shredded cheese, topped with sliced onion and tomatoes, pressed between two toasted slices of Oregano Basil bread. 
So. Good.

If you have a man in your life that can’t bear the thought of a meatless meal, bacon or sausage patties make good additions to the sandwich.

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