Finding Love at the Lost Dog

Yesterday I mentioned how my family and I went to our favorite breakfast spot in all of Charleston before they headed home.

Today I get to tell you about just how amazing it was (IS!).

My mom and Brooke discovered Lost Dog Cafe on Folly Beach during one of their many trips down here, and instantly shared the gem with the rest of the family. Now, we eat there just about every time anyone in my family visits. They only serve breakfast and lunch. I have never tried their lunch, but I’m sure it is just as delicious as their breakfast. It would be awfully hard to tear me away from their breakfast dishes though.

In the past, I have loved their Vegetable Quiche, which always seems to be on the list of daily specials. The quiche comes with a side of fruit and grits. This dish is obviously a little healthier than some of their other options including pancakes, french toast, pastries and cinnamon rolls.

Yesterday I was more than willing to splurge on something a little less healthy the very second I saw Sweet Potato Pancakes on the specials menu. Not that plain sweet potato pancakes wouldn’t be delicious, but these were made extra heavenly with candied walnuts baked inside and topped with bananas and whipped cream. OH MY GOSHH!!!

FYI, I intentionally made that picture enormous just so you could appreciate it even more. At least I hope you do. 
I am in love with these pancakes. Ldlsfjoriuojg!!!! No, that wasn’t English. But I am speechless over these things. Really, I have nothing more to say. Ok, one more thing. They were SOOO good!!! Did I say that already? Oh. Well, maybe you get the point now. 
These might even be better than my own homemade pumpkin pancakes. And that’s saying a lot. In fact, I will say that they ARE better than my pumpkin cakes. I loved how the walnuts weren’t just sprinkled on top, but mixed in the batter. Ok, I’ll stop talking about them now. Just go try them for yourself. Promise?

Greg had the Biscuits and Homemade Sausage Gravy, just like he did at DIG last weekend when we went for brunch. I think Lost Dog is the winner in the sausage gravy category. Of course I snagged a bite of this dish and gave it two thumbs up.
I love everything about the Lost Dog. Obviously the food is the main reason, but they also have great coffee and lattes, and the atmosphere is fun and relaxing. The walls are covered in pictures of dogs and you can even bring your pet if you want. 
I highly recommend this place to anyone living in or visiting the Charleston area. 
What is your favorite breakfast dish? 
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