Dragon Palace and Sudden Changes

Last night Greg and I went to dinner at Dragon Palace right by our condo on Daniel Island.

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We had a Groupon, so a mid-week date night was perfectly justified.
Our waiter brought us some crispy tortilla-like chips with some sort of sweet and sour sauce (maybe duck sauce??) before we even ordered.
This was a pleasant little surprise to start the meal, but the chips were not anything special at all. Very bland.
We ordered the Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls for an appetizer.
These were good and the fried-ness factor was a nice little splurge for me, because I chose an extra healthy entree.
The Cashew Chicken and Sesame Chicken dishes definitely caught my eye, but I had surprisingly more self-control than I normally do when it comes to Asian food. With my (somewhat) recent commitment to keep a more balanced diet, I went with a meal I knew I wouldn’t regret. 
Buddha’s Feast is a plateful of mixed vegetables including broccoli, carrots, green beans, water chestnuts, mushrooms, baby corn and snap peas, cooked in soy sauce…I think that’s what it was anyway. This plate comes with your choice of white, brown, or fried rice. I had the brown rice. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the amount of variety made it more than satisfying.

Greg had General Tso’s Chicken that came with broccoli, peppers and pineapple! Mmmm! He got fried rice served with this. 
Both meals were more than enough for us, as expected when it comes to Asian restaurants. 
After wrapping up our leftovers to take home, our waiter surprised us AGAIN with small cups of tea and fortune cookies for dessert! 

How cute! Right?
I remember learning about this in my tourism and marketing classes in school – how giving the customer something extra and unexpected adds satisfaction to the overall experience. Dragon Palace gets this concept spot on. Well, almost. Vamping up the chip recipe wouldn’t hurt 😉
My fortune told me to expect a sudden change in plans that will bring happiness. I don’t like it when my plans change too much, so I really hope the happiness thing is true. I’ll let you know if any big changes come my way!
Have a great Thursday! ONE WEEK UNTIL THANKSGIVING!!!! Who’s excited?!