From Shrimp to Mimosas

Most people that know me probably know I am not much of an “outdoorsy” girl. 
Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting…not for me. Well, I take that back. I’m not totally against it. I camped out in my backyard a few times growing up. I don’t know that I ever made it outside the entire night though. Does that still count??
Seriously though, I have been camping for real once. In the mountains of North Carolina. And I actually did really enjoy it. Three days was my limit though. I don’t think I would have liked it any longer than that. And I wouldn’t mind going on a nice hike for some exercise, but it definitely would not be my first choice. 
As for fishing or hunting…….no thanks. I don’t like touching the worms or any other live bait. I don’t like pulling a hook out of a poor fishy’s mouth (or throat!). And I certainly do not like seeing animals suffer from gunshot wounds, not that I ever have in real life. I’ll eat it. But I want nothing to do with getting it from its natural habitat to my kitchen. 
Like this shrimp, for example. Greg and I picked these suckers up straight from the marina as they came off of the boat on Saturday morning. Now that was not my kind of environment. Shrimp were being thrown around and you can imagine the smell. I was happy to hear Greg ask for the shrimp with their heads already cut off. But when we got home and he showed me how we had to “devein” them…Gross. This doesn’t really compare to hunting or even fishing, but it still involved cutting into a previously-living organism. Yeahhhh, I’d rather be shopping.
I’ll tell you what though…
It was worth it.
I can almost taste the spicy, flavorful shrimp just from the looks of them. Greg mixed up an olive oil-based sauce with Old Bay, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lime juice. There were probably more spices involved, but he doesn’t remember 🙂
After grilling them for just about two or three minutes on each side, they were good to go. 
We also grilled some fairly simple burgers (mixed the meat with Worcestershire, onion, jalapeno, and some various spices) and corn on the cob. 
I topped my burger with a slice of cheddar, tomato and ketchup. You can’t really tell because my cheese is drooping over the side, but I promise there’s a burger tucked in there!
Grilling out has to be one of my favorite summer activities. 
But it can also take a lot of work. That’s why we let someone else do the work and serve us on Sunday for brunch!
Not much puts a smile on a girly-girl’s face than Sunday afternoon brunch and mimosas 🙂 
This was actually my first experience with mimosas and it was a success. Not just because they were FREE! Yes, free. This is how they reward you when you pay attention to a restaurant’s Facebook page and see that if you tell your server about something they posted online, you get free drinks! So when I saw that Daniel Island Grill (DIG) was offering free mimosas, I knew where I was headed after church. 

Please, IGNORE the burnt look of the bagel. I admit, I was a skeptical when I was served too. But one bite later, my worries were gone. This was one of the best bagel sandwiches I have had. 
The bagel was buttery (just for added health benefits) and filled with egg, cheese and bacon. It came with either potatoes or grits. What kind of Southerner would I be if I didn’t get the grits? Oh yeah…I’m not actually a Southerner. Sorry, I forget sometimes. 
Every part of this meal was perfect. DIG is one place in Charleston that I might qualify as a regular. We go alllllll the time. But I had never tried their brunch. This was my first time, but will not be my last.