What I’m Loving Wednesday (8-29-12)

It’s about that time for another WILW post, dontcha think?

1. Two nights in a row of cooking some of my favorite tried and true recipes.

Sloppy Joes, that I’m renaming Super Spicy Sloppy Joes. I used less spice and hot sauce than my recipe called for and my mouth was still on fire two bites into the sandwich.

Morning Star Copycat Black Bean Burgers with homemade guacamole and corn on the cob? Ohmuhgosh. I could eat this every single night.
2. This. This is what I call Heaven in a Cardboard Container. Have you tried any of Duff’s (aka the Cake Boss’s) Blue Bunny ice cream flavors yet? This Red Carpet Red Velvet Cake ice cream is to die for. I bought this on my dinner break while working a late shift last week and it’s safe to say this is only thing that kept me going at my desk until 10pm.

3. A coffee mug filled with hot oatmeal. Don’t forget the sliced bananas and chai seeds! This is how I’ve been starting my workday for the past two weeks. I’ve gotten in a poor habit of sleeping until the last minute and not having quite enough time to eat my breakfast at home. Solution? Bring my oatmeal to work in a mug! 
4. Oh look, it’s my Lost Dog Cafe mug again! I sure do put that thing to use. After cleaning the oatmeal out of it, I fill it with what it’s actually meant for- Coffee! These rainy days call for a warm and comforting afternoon snack like a hot cup of coffee and a chocolatey Good Greens bar (Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor). 

5. Out of all of this foodie goodness, the thing I am loving most about this Wednesday is that it’s my last full day here in Charleston before my trip HOME!! Tomorrow evening, Greg and I will be hopping on a plane to Columbus for a full weekend of cake tastings, meetings with the caterer, engagement pictures and some much needed family time. I. Can’t. Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aren’t we precious? 😉

Childhood Lunch and Good Greens Bars

Good morning my lovely readers and friends. I have been trying to enjoy every moment of this weekend since I got off of work Friday afternoon. My company is in the midst of our busy season and work has been cray-to the-zee. I worked last Sunday, so used some of my comp time to take Friday afternoon off (hoarding saving the other half-day for later in the year!).

I made myself lunch a simple lunch at home consisting of a childhood favorite…
PB&J! These have been on my lunch menu regularly for the past week or two. Paired with a sweet, juicy apple and I am one happy five-I mean-23 year old!
A couple bites into my lunch and I heard a knock at the door. Good thing I just so happened to be home on a Friday afternoon, because the UPS man had a special delivery for me!
I was recently contacted by Good Greens, a company based in my home state of Ohio that makes nutritional bars and powder, about reviewing their products. I had never heard of the bars, but was excited to learn they have partnered with the Ohio State University in it’s effort to remove unhealthy snacks across the campus. Instead, the school will be replacing heavily processed snacks with nutrition bars like Good Greens’ among others. It’s so nice to see large institutions taking initiative to make a difference. We can all benefit from having less unhealthy snacks tempting us throughout the day. 
I was sent some bite-sized samples and some of their full bars in a variety of flavors. I couldn’t just try one, so I nibbled on a few different flavors after my main meal. 
So far I really like the Chocolate Peanut Butter. The Mixed Berry and Chocolate Raspberry were much better than I expected, since I usually don’t care much for the combination of chocolate and fruity flavors. 
The nutritional value of these bars is outrageous. In a good way! They are organic, vegan and gluten free so they fit just about any diet. They The best part of these bars is that a single regular size bar contains 100% of your daily dose of vitamins and minerals you need from fruits and veggies. 
Some other notable facts: 
-190-195 calories
-5 grams of fiber
-12 grams of protein
For now, these bars can only be found in select locations around Ohio, but you can order online too! Check them out if you’re interested in trying a new nutrion bar. 
Find them on Facebook here