The Calm Before the Storm

Ah! We are two days away from the big day. I just have to get through this one last day of work and then I basically have another weekend. I do have to work Friday, but I’m sure it will be extremely quiet in the office and then after that, I get a whole new weekend again!

With a couple days of cooking madness and overeating in my very near future, I wanted to keep it light and simple last night. The calm before the storm, if you will. Will you? Ok, great!

I picked up a frozen meal from TJ’s last week and thought it would be the perfect night to try it out.

I really don’t shop at Trader Joe’s too much, but I am well aware of the hype. And the items that I have had from there have been pretty good. To be honest though, I have heard plenty of “so-so” reviews as well. But you never know for sure until you try and this looked promising enough.

The Low-Fat Chicken Chow Mein went way above my expectations. It couldn’t have been easier (or faster) to make and had a great blend of flavors. I would have liked a little more chicken, but I have seen worse when it comes to frozen meals. 
The bag indicated it makes three servings, and with a nice healthy serving of sauteed asparagus on the side, the entire package was the perfect amount to fill up both Greg and me. Another plus: Only 210 calories per serving. Obviously if you do the math, Greg+me=2, not 3. But even splitting the “third serving” among the two of us puts it at just over 300 cals each. Not bad. 
For about $2 per person, this frozen entree is a deal. I will buy this again and again.
Think my family will mind if I sub the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole for some Chicken Chow Mein on Thursday? Yeah, I didn’t think so either 😉