Bye, Bye 2014

We still have a good week and a half of 2014 left, so no need to say goodbye quite yet. But seeing as I’ll be out of the country most of this week I wanted to get a head start. Is it ironic I haven’t blogged in more than two months, yet I’m popping in to say my goodbyes to 2014 early? Shrug.

Greg and I will be going on a cruise with his family to Cozumel and Belize, leaving on Christmas Eve. I don’t really want to think about putting on a bathing suit right now (eek!), but otherwise I’m looking forward to celebrating the holiday with family, enjoying some warmth since mid-40s is entirely too cold for me, and relaxing without any real obligations.

I wanted to reminisce on some highlights of 2014, one of which being that pretty cupcake up there. It wouldn’t be Christmas without an overload of sweet treats. Cookies, cupcakes, chocolate…bring it on. After all…

I can focus on healthy eating the rest of the year, but around Christmas I can’t ever resist. Hence not wanting to be a bathing suit this week, but life goes on!

Now that I’ve been sufficiently sidetracked, let’s get to it.

Highlights of 2014:
-Left my old job, giving myself about two weeks of time off before the new venture.
-Visited my sister Brooke in Orlando and played with beluga whales at SeaWorld.

Skied in Breckenridge, CO with Greg. 
-Started a new job.
-Greg and I celebrated our 1st anniversary with our defrosted funfetti wedding cake and an amazing dinner at Peninsula Grill. (A new tradition??)
-Zoey finally learned to enjoy the beach.
-Visited my brother Ryan in Washington D.C.
-Celebrated lots of friends’ weddings.
-Ran my first half marathon (Kiawah Island).

I’m sure I’ve forgotten other things, but Christmas is taking over my brain today. After seeing the Charleston Christmas Special on Friday night, I am in full Christmas mode. Not to mention it’s three days away! By the way, I highly recommend the musical show to locals or anyone visiting Charleston this time of year. To describe it in one word: awesome.

I may be back soon, I may not. Only time will tell.