5 Items in My Dream Survival Kit

I am usually not one for hypothetical questions. I like rationality and focusing on what is, rather than dreaming about the “what ifs.” When Man Crates contacted me a couple weeks ago asking me to consider being stranded on an island, I shrugged off the idea at first. What was the point?

Well. I thought about it some more and in the end, I went with it. By doing so, I realized how much I really do appreciate (and NEED) certain things in my life.

Man Crates asked me if I were to, heaven forbid, ever be stranded on a desert island, what would be my five absolute must-have items. So, all humans, Great Danes, and modern technology aside, this is what I choose:

1. Bible. 
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13. Pretty much sums it up! Christ is my rock and God’s word would bring me peace in what would surely be a scary time for a homebody and indoors kinda girl like myself.

2. Down comforter.
I’m almost always cold and love snuggling up in a fluffy comforter. Even if it’s a tropical island and hot, hot, hot, I would surely enjoy something soft to lay on.

3. Journal and a pen.
Writing my thoughts and prayers would be crucial for my sanity. I could make lists and doodle to pass the time. And more importantly, I could write letters to my loved ones in hopes of seeing them again someday too.

4. Photo album.
My family is everything to me. I would need photos of Greg, Zoey and my closest family members and friends to put a smile on my face.

(such a baby!!!!)

5. Publix’s Roadrunner Raspberry frozen yogurt. I know one should never assume, but let’s just say this hypothetical desert island had fruit trees, drinkable water, and maybe some other basic foods I could kind-of-sort-of live off of (I know nothing about the wilderness, so I really wouldn’t make it long at all…) BUT if I did have some essential nutrients for my body and wasn’t completely starving to death, I sure would need to satisfy my sweet tooth somehow! Publix fro yo would obviously be my top pick.

Man Crates ships various themed gift boxes for men in their custom crates, without the wrapping paper, ribbons and other fluff men simply don’t care about. Such a cool concept! I certainly know how difficult shopping for men can be. Between my dad, step-dad, Greg and two brothers, to name a few, I struggle every Christmas and birthday to find something just right.

One thing I do love is putting together gift bags/baskets. I usually know of a few smaller, everyday things my loved ones enjoy, whether it’s a particular snack, coffee, restaurant gift cards, everyday essentials, etc. Combining all of someone’s favorite things into one package is sometimes easier to come up with than a single, more expensive gift that you’re not sure they’ll like.

I would be so, so happy to receive a gift box with any combination of those “survival kit” items on my list. (hint, hint Greg!) Ha, just kidding. He actually did get me a journal (and pink pen!) for our anniversary and a small portion of our income goes towards Publix fro yo every week so…..I’m all set 🙂

Tell me! What’s one or two things that would be in your survival kit?

*I received no compensation of any kind for Man Crates’s publicity in this post.


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