Our First Harvest

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and remembered the reason for the season. Jesus’s death on the cross for us to be forgiven and saved from this sinful world is such an amazing thing. Definitely cause for a big celebration! Greg, Zoey and I spent the weekend visiting family and friends in Panama City Beach. While the weather wasn’t ideal – cool, rainy and windy – we managed to have a great time anyway with lots of catching up, good food and of course a beautiful worship service.

After we returned home on Sunday evening, Greg let me know our first crop was ready to harvest from our garden. The 2×1 foot area of mixed greens was lush and, well…green! What better way to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection than with new life from our garden?

We also have one tiny strawberry beginning to form, the tomato plants are quickly going up-up-up, and the onions look nice and strong. We are also still tending to several different varieties of peppers and even two asparagus plants.
We have at least a few weeks until the next plants are ready to harvest, but these greens were a promising start. Greg gets the credit for any and all success we have. He works on the garden every day and I’m so thankful for that. I don’t think I have a gardening/plant-growing bone in my body. Like my grandma told me, I’ll be doing my part of the work in the kitchen. Amen to that!
Although we don’t have our own locally grown, organic onions, tomatoes and sweet potatoes yet, I used the store-bought variety to compliment the greens. I chopped, drizzled in olive oil, seasoned and roasted the mixture for about 30 minutes before adding on top of our bowls of greens. I finished mine with a sprinkle of crumbled goat cheese to complete the meal. 
Here’s to many more fresh and healthy harvests! 

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