Happiness in 3 Pictures

1. Now that it’s finally been warm and sunny for a couple of days, Zoey has spent a lot of time leashed up walking and jogging along my side. Nothing makes our Zo-monster more proud than finding a big stick (or anything stick-like for that matter). She will carry it as long as she can and holds her head high every step of the way. 

2. Afternoon tea and cookies at my desk. Enough said.

3. While I love the sweet stuff, a big, satisfying salad keeps me pretty happy too. Salads have a bad reputation to some people for not being filling or tasty. I beg to differ. Exhibit A: The salad pictured above consisted of chopped romaine, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, sliced onion, goat cheese, and deli-sliced chicken breast, dressed with raspberry vinaigrette. Filling AND tasty. Besides just being overall good for my body, filling up on veggies allows me to appreciate the cookies and chocolate later on without feeling guilty. By the way, I’ve been eating a little more meat recently. That’s Boar’s Head Blazin’ Buffalo Chicken Breast on the salad above, and man oh man, it is goooood
What’s made you happy this week?

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