Sunday Blessings – Productivity

I started watching Scandal on Netflix this weekend, but that’s not what I mean by “productive.” Don’t you worry.

Besides succumbing to a total of eight episodes of the dramatic, can’t-stop-watching-I-have-to-know-what-happens-next show, I was able to take a class at the gym, take Zoey for a couple of walks, grocery shop, clean the house, get a wedding picture framed, talk to my grandma on the phone for almost an hour, teach Sunday school, bake cookies, and plant a garden.

Yes, a GARDEN. Who am I?!

I’m not-so-secretly scared of my capability to successfully grow a garden full of vegetables. My past experiences with flowers, herbs and other plants around the house has given me a bad reputation. Greg says our house is “where plants come to die.” It’s true. I have never cared enough about/for the plants to remember to make sure they’re getting the water and sunlight they need. I’m hoping after putting this work into our garden today and slowly…very, very slowly since it turns out asparagus takes TWO YEARS until it’s ready to harvest…seeing some growth, I’ll be inspired to keep it going.

I’m also counting on my organization skills to come in handy so I can create a calendar to keep track of the days I need to water, when things are ready to harvest, etc.

Greg’s dad who is very knowledgable when it comes to gardening has given us plenty of tips and advice through these first steps. We’ve planted asparagus, like I mentioned, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and a variety of peppers.

Now we wait.

Well, we WATER and we wait.

This pup right here…

Well, let’s just say it was a sad and confusing day for Zoey as we fenced off part of her royal highness’s territory (aka our backyard). 
Oh! And you have to see this. How does one mark off and label where each of the different seeds are planted when one is a complete amateur at this kind of thing? With frozen yogurt spoons to be exact! 
We forgot to buy the appropriate sticks/markers/labels/whatever you call them. Greg awarded me the task of finding something in the house that would work. Maybe I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. In fact I think it’s very fitting for someone like me who lives on vegetables and frozen yogurt alone (okay, not really people…but kind of).  
When this idea takes off and becomes well-known in the gardening world, don’t forget where you saw it first 😉
After a long work week, my weekend was not your traditional “lay around and do nothing” kind of weekend. But in the end, it was almost just as relaxing to be productive. Getting things done around the house, running necessary errands and bonding with my husband over garden-planting does wonders for my soul. Goodness, I sound like such an adult! When did this happen??

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