5 Random Thoughts for Friday

1. I chose this picture for today’s post for no other reasons than that a. I really like wine, and b. I couldn’t find anything better on my phone. I’ll tie it all into the fact that it’s Friday, I’m off work a little early today, and I can’t wait to celebrate with a glass of red. So it works. 
2. I was eating strawberry fro yo recently. As I savored every last creamy bite, I got to thinking. I wonder if it’d be as good if it wasn’t pink? Sure, I like strawberry flavored things, but it’s not typically my go-to choice. It’s almost as if the color pink is a flavor in itself. It may sound crazy, but seriously. I think the color has some psychological effect on my senses (I apologize if I just completely misused the word psychological. That might not have been the right word). I just love pink so much that pink foods are automatically appealing. 
3. I have a problem where I can’t use coupons or gift certificates right after I receive them. I have to tuck them away for at least a week or two. I think I’m going to save them for just the right moment, as if the free pastry with my coffee will be more appreciated in two weeks rather than the next day. What typically happens, in the case of coupons, is I forget about them and by the time I find them again they’re expired. 
4. The first two blogs I ever read both posted recipes for savory breakfasts yesterday and now I’m dying for the combination of jalapeno cheddar biscuits, eggs, avocado, and…SWEET CORN CAKES! I’m making both of those recipes at once, pouring mimosas and diving in head first. Tell me what you’re going to eat this weekend!
5. If your answer to #4 included Girl Scout Cookies, and you live in Charleston, please tell me where I can find some! Greg and I were in North Carolina last week and saw a booth outside of Belk, but I didn’t have cash on me to buy some. I haven’t seen them being sold around here and Greg, Mr. I Don’t Like Chocolate, can’t stop talking about needing thin mints (I know, it makes NO sense!!). And, okay, I really want some thin mints too. And Samoas for that matter. Help! 

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