5 Reasons Why I Love Valentine’s Day…And You Should Too!

All week, I have been hearing various people – in person, on the radio, social media, etc. – rant about how Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday by Hallmark just trying to make money. I have heard people say how you should show love every day and you shouldn’t need flowers or chocolate to tell your loved ones how you feel.
Sure, that’s all true. I can’t argue against celebrating love every day of the year. I can’t argue that businesses aren’t trying to make a little extra money off of pink and red heart shaped candy. (On the same note, what about all of the anti-Valentine’s Day parties and retail items? Isn’t that also just an excuse to make extra money???) 
That being said, WHY NOT take a moment (or a day) to put a little extra effort in saying, “I love you!”? 
If you’re single, I know you may be thinking, “easier said than done.” Coming from me, someone who has had the same Valentine for the past seven years (what?!?!), trust me when I tell you I get it. Everyone’s situation and love life is different. But no matter who you are, SOMEBODY LOVES YOU! And I truly hope you all have love for somebody too. Spouses, parents, siblings, best friends, pets, the list goes on and on. Every type of love is different, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less significant. 
God is love. Just as we are nothing without God, we are nothing without love. Celebrate it, share it, spread it, and enjoy it. 
Now I bring to you: 
1. The cards. Greg and I always, always, always make homemade cards for each other. I have been making homemade cards for my parents my entire life and I love passing my card making abilities (ha! not very impressive, I assure you) onto Greg. He does the same for me too. Although they tend to look the same from the front year after year, reading back through old cards is so special to me. Seeing how our relationship and love has evolved over the years is so cool.
2. The sweets. Duh. Would you expect anything different from me? I had a strong internal dilemma this morning on the way to work. To stop at Krispy Kreme and treat myself to a doughnut? Or to NOT stop at Krispy Kreme and eat a healthy breakfast of whole grain cereal and a banana? Such hard decisions! Since you’re dying to know, I did not stop at KK. I have a hot Starbucks latte to look forward to later this afternoon though – they’re doing BOGO lattes from 2-5pm! Greg is going to bring one by the office for me. And who knows, maybe he’ll have a cupcake along with it. Now that’d be really nice. 
3. The pink. Pink is my favorite color ever. Although I majorly failed today and somehow forgot to wear any pink, or red for that matter, I love seeing others in pink, eating pink treats, and finding excuses to use or make anything else pink.
4. The time of year. Not much else is going on during February. The air is (usually) COLD and winter blues are in full force. Christmas and New Year’s are long gone, if you have a January birthday like Greg and I both do, those days are history, and there’s not much to look forward to until Spring. Having a holiday fall right in the middle of this month gives reason to have a little fun and put a smile on your face. 
5. The love. Need I say more?

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