Sunday Blessings – Sunsets

I’m cutting it close with the Sunday Blessings today, but you know what they say. Better late than never. 
The day has really gotten away from me. It started with teaching Sunday School, followed by attending the late church service and then stopping by the reception for my first graders who received their first communion today. I didn’t get home until one o’clock, which is about two hours later than a typical Sunday for me. I know that’s why the day felt so short, but I can’t complain. It’s been a perfectly balanced weekend of a little rest and a little activity.
After making lunch for Greg and me and catching up a couple episodes of The Office on Netflix, I forced myself off the couch to run some errands. These errands included Target for food and make-up…anndddd of course some clothes because I can’t get out of there without at least one new addition to my wardrobe…then Rack Room for a new pair of running shoes, Belk Men’s Store for Greg, and finally some post-shopping fro yo from TCBY. It was an all around very successful (and tasty) afternoon. 
With clear blue skies and the warm sun shining, I knew I needed to spend more time outside before the weekend came to end. Greg and I stopped back home to pick up the Zo Girl and headed to a nearby neighborhood along the water with a public pier. Just in time for sunset!
Our family sunset walk was just what I needed. I am so blessed for the beauty of the fiery sun, reflecting over the shimmering water. Not to mention the silhouettes of two loves of my life in front of it all. 

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