Sunday Blessings – Instagram Fast

Social media. 

Such a fancy name for such a time-wasting activity. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. I was a Communication major, after all. I learned about the importance of businesses having a social media presence in today’s day and age. I put that knowledge to practice in multiple internships, jobs and most prominently in this blog of mine. A blog technically is social media, so there literally is not a way to have a blog without being involved in social media.

Like all things in life, there needs to be a balance. Social media is a part of our culture whether you like it or not, but that doesn’t mean it needs to consume our lives. Balance the number of social media outlets you use, balance the time you spend on each one, and for goodness sakes balance the number of hashtags you use (hehe, don’t hate me).

I often catch myself going to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to post a link to my blog or look up one specific thing. Suddenly I’m mindlessly browsing my newsfeed and reading the most random information about the lives of people I hardly even know anymore or playing the comparison game with friends, family and other bloggers. Ugh. Sure, it’s nice to stay updated on your friends’ lives and fun to share about your own. But it’s all too easy to get swept away staring at your computer or phone screen when there are countless other more productive things to do. There is a real world out there and it’s beautiful. With social media at our fingertips, it can be easy to let gorgeous sunsets pass us by.

For the month of January, one of my friends is fasting all social media. I haven’t gone to that extreme, but I have been fasting Instagram for the past week or so, and decided to give up filtered photo sharing for the remainder of the month. It’s been refreshing and allowed me to focus more on the present.

Today I am especially blessed with the beauty of my city, exhibit A being the sunset picture at the top of this post. Scenes like that never get old. I am blessed for coffee dates (hi Erica!) and wine and cheese dates (hi Hannah!). I am blessed to be sitting here in my heated home during this cold time of year, NOT scrolling through my Instagram feed, enjoying my Sunday with real life human interaction.

I am blessed with social media outlets which allow us to all stay connected no matter where our lives take us, but I am more grateful for the other productive ways to spend my time as well.


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