Sunday Blessings – Searching

If I was being completely honest with you, I’d tell you I have writer’s block right now.

Sooo…here we are. Nothing in particular to say except that I guess writer’s block is something to be thankful for in a strange way. Without the struggle to write something fun, creative or even slightly interesting, doing just that wouldn’t be so fulfilling. 
It’s actually kind of ironic. Here I am, with a some time off between jobs, about to start a new job which will also allow me to pursue more writing opportunities, and I can’t think of anything to say. 
But now I’ve written three paragraphs (loosely using the word paragraph by the way), about not being able to write. I just can’t escape the irony today. 
Searching for a job (which doesn’t apply to me, for the record), searching for friendship, searching for rest, searching for fun, or searching for words. Whatever it may be, I will strive to be thankful for the journey. As frustrating or challenging as it can be, the time spent searching can teach you the most valuable lessons. 
Here’s to another happy Sunday, and a new search for this evening: a search for dinner! 

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