What I’m Loving Wednesday 11-20-13

1. Dear Wedding Dress Hanging So Beautifully in My Closet,

Thanksgiving is just about a week away (what?!). Remember those things called vegetables and balanced eating?

veg pasta
Those days are about to be over. 

If there was any question whether or not I could still fit into you, I’m about to answer that once and for all with a loud NO. But you know what, I’m perfectly okay with that, because Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season is worth it.

2. Speaking of worth it, these are the bestttttt. Greg and I bought this giant container of frosted animal cookies in August. We ate them all very quickly and have since not been able to replenish our supply, because they have been sold out every time we check. It’s for the best, especially in light of #1 above.

photo 2 (2)

3. Being healthy again! Okay, I know that sounds contradictory to my first two points, but I mean healthy, as in not sick. I came down with terrible cold last week that left me extremely drowsy and unable to breathe. I am finally now getting the last of the sniffles out of me. Praise the Lord.

4. Not being good enough. My friend Robbin recently posted a link to this article titled “You’re Not Good Enough to Be Disappointed.” I actually found it encouraging. Like the author writes, we don’t have the right to be disappointed in shortcomings or failures when doing something where we are not pros. I need to view “failures” as lessons learned and stepping stones towards reaching my goals. Go read it!!

5. Greg is home! He went on a cruise with some of his friends for a bachelor party from Thursday through Tuesday (yesterday). It was the longest amount of time we have been apart in years. For some of you who travel for work or whose significant others travel, I give you a lot of credit. I couldn’t do this every week or month. Zoey and I missed him SO much. I’m happy to have my little family reunited just in time for the craziness of the holiday season.

Photo from Thanksgiving 2012. That little nugget!!!

What are you loving this week?


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