Blogger Chain Mail Survey

Happy, happy almost Friday! This Friday deserves two “happys” doesn’t it? It’s been a tough week.

You know, I was thinking…Do I ask too many rhetorical questions in this here blog space o’ mine?

Whoops, there I go again with the questions.

Let’s just get right into this. Christina tagged me in this fun little survey and I’m happy to oblige to my tagged duties. Please share your answer to one or two of these questions in the comments below!

Favorite flower: Until my wedding this past May, I wouldn’t have had an answer to this. I am not very knowledgeable about plants in general. After some Pinterest searches during my wedding planning days, I discovered every bouquet I was drawn to had peonies. They quickly became my favorite flower.


Most/least organized space in your home: This changes daily. One day I’ll go crazy cleaning dishes and putting them all away, only to let dirty dishes pile up for the next three days straight. One day I’ll go wild doing four loads of laundry, but let the clean piles of clothes sit on my bedroom floor for a week.

My mother would not be proud.

What book have you read recently that really moved you: The Walk by Richard Paul Evans, along with the next two books in the series – Miles to Go and The Road to Grace. There is even a forth (and maybe fifth???) book in the series, but I haven’t been able to keep up recently.

The books are about a once very successful guy whose wife dies and shortly after loses his entire business. He feels compelled to walk from Seattle to Miami. His thoughts and conversations with others along the way are so moving. I don’t read a lot, but these books sucked me in and had me emotionally connected to the characters. He contemplates his purpose in life and has some serious thought-provoking conversations with others addressing faith and God.

What dish are you most looking forward to at Thanksgiving dinner: Stuffing! Sweet potatoes! Corn pudding!


How is Thanksgiving in less than two weeks? I’m not complaining, but…HOW?!?

How do you take your coffee: This varies a bit, but my perfect cup of coffee has a dash of cream and one or two packets of Splenda, depending on how big this said cup of coffee is.

What do you miss most about high school: Ohhhhh the memories. I actually really enjoyed high school. I have a lot of fond memories, but mostly I miss my friends, going to my brother’s basketball games, dressing up in ridiculous outfits for swim meets, living with my family and summer break. Oh, and eating whatever the heck I wanted.

Most memorable concert: I am honestly not really into concerts most of the time, just not my cup of tea. But Greg got me tickets to Rascal Flatts for my birthday this past year. The concert was on Valentine’s Day and we really enjoyed it. Yes, WE, Greg included. Spice Girls, NSync and Nick Lachey (during his short-lived solo career) were pretty awesome too.

How do you unwind before bed: Nothing exciting here. I usually have some dark chocolate or fro yo while I watch TV to end my day on a high note. On a weeknight, I’ll head up to bed around 10pm, spend a few minutes looking at Instagram then nighty night I go!

Dots or stripes: Stripes! But only with loose, flowy tops, otherwise they make feel wiiiiide. I didn’t realize it was happening at the time, but somehow over the past several months I have bought lots and lots of stripes. I have tried to make a conscious effort to look for different patterns these days to switch it up, but most of my favorite tops in my closest right now are striped ones.

Favorite U.S. and international cities: Favorites here in the States are Charleston and Paia (a small town on Maui).

I haven’t been out of the country much, so I don’t have many options when it comes to my favorite international city. Therefore, even though it’s not a city, St. Kitts has been the most amazing country I’ve been to. No matter where else I have the privilege of going (hopefully Italy!), St. Kitts will always have a special place in my heart, because that’s where Greg and I got engaged.

Now, I’m tagging Diane, Emily, Nadine, and Julie!


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