Fall Bucket List Update

Now that we’re a good halfway into fall (totally just a guess, but that seems right, doesn’t it?) I wanted to highlight what I can cross off my Fall Bucket List.

#1. Go to the pumpkin patch, then buy and carve pumpkins. >>> This one is a little complicated. We went to the pumpkin patch, yes. 
…for all of about two minutes. After quickly realizing how much they were selling them for – $10-20 for a pretty average size pumpkin (!!!) – we said no thanks. Granted, it was a church fundraiser, but I still couldn’t justify that purchase. We took a few obligatory pictures to prove we were there and left. 
I ended up buying pumpkins at Publix, something I had originally laughed at the idea of, but humbled myself and was happy with them in the end. However, we never did get around to carving them. They are still sitting whole on our front porch. But you know what, I like them that way. 
#3. Bake an apple pie. >>> Greg can attest to this one. I baked the most delicious apple pie with an oatmeal crumble. Mmm, mmm. I might be doing that one again. 
#6. Make (and eat) a lot of soup. >>> I have made white cheddar cauliflower soup and I have eaten more butternut squash soup than ever before. I also have several cans and cartons of soup in the kitchen cabinet waiting to be heated up for a quick lunch or dinner some day very soon. More to come!

Okay, so I have crossed off three of the ten on the list. I’m looking forward to crossing off a couple more this week.


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