Sunday Blessings – Simple Messages

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”
-Matthew 19:14

No, I’m not pregnant. Just thought I would clear that up before you got the wrong idea with that picture. Those are actually little booties I got for my friend Becca. I went to her shower this afternoon to celebrate the coming of her little baby boy very, very soon. SO EXCITED!

Somewhat-but-not-really related, today was Children’s Sunday at our church. This is a day where the children of our congregation are recognized by taking some of the leadership roles in service like greeting everyone, reading scripture and prayers, and collecting the offering. One thing that my church does, and from my experiences all Presbyterian churches do, is “children’s time” towards the beginning of the service where the younger ones are called forward to sit and listen to a story or message from the Bible, relating to the readings and sermon for the day.

I grew up Catholic where this was done a bit differently. The kids would be called forward then leave to a separate room with an adult leader where they would discuss Bible stories apart from the adults.

I remember the first few times going to Presbyterian services with Greg and not appreciating this children’s time. In fact,  as much as I feel bad saying it I’ll admit that it kind of annoyed me more than anything. “Let’s just get right to it,” I would think to myself. “Why do we need to waste this time listening to the message for the kids? They can go to another room or to their Sunday school classes for their worship.”

God has softened my hard head and taught me to truly value this dedicated children’s time. Throughout the past year or so I’ve found myself really enjoying the children’s sermon. After today’s service, I realized how much I get out of it.

The pastors and other adults who lead this sermon put more complicated stories and lessons into the most simple terms. I also love seeing and hearing the kids participate. It’s become a part of the service I look forward to rather than something I wish we could skip.


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