Weekend Eats (and More) 8-19-13

My brother and one of my best friends. I love you so much!
Now for some Weekend Eats!

photo 2

Friday afternoon Greg and I had lunch together at Black Bean Co. (we recently bought a Go Charleston Deal for this place). After being slightly disappointed with my usual picks the past few times I’d been, I opted for a new-to-me wrap, the Beach Burrito. I was pleasantly surprised and was happy to rekindle my relationship with BBC.
Greg texted me around 4pm asking, “Happy hour?” After the day I’d had, happy hour was more than necessary, so I eagerly agreed. We headed to Rio Grande as soon as I got off work. That margarita, along with the unpictured endless bowl of chips and salsa ended up being my dinner. Whoops. 
zoey downtown
Saturday morning Zoey was supposed to have puppy class, but it was cancelled. We were already on our way downtown to meet our group and decided to make the most of it anyway. We visited the dog park first to burn some of her energy where she met all kinds of new friends. Then we went on a little walk by Waterfront Park. She sniffed her little heart out trying to take in her new surroundings. 
Before heading home, we debated going to the Marion Square Farmers’ Market, but instead stopped at The Vegetable Bin. After all these years living in Charleston, we were glad to have finally made the stop. It was awesome. We loaded up on all our favorites including sweet potatoes, squash, avocados, bell pepper, cucumber and more. All of this for just about $11! I was on a high feeling so thrifty.
I put together lunch with all of our new veggies – sauteed veggie bowls, topped with mozzarella shredded cheese for Greg, goat cheese and plain Greek yogurt for me. Avocado toast on the side. 
blueberry pancakes
After such a healthy lunch, we both let ourselves get crazy for dinner, maybe a little too crazy. Nah. It was worth it. We were on our way to Page’s Okra Grill, a very local Southern style restaurant. As we passed the highway sign marking food at the exit, I jokingly said we should go to Cracker Barrel to get breakfast for dinner. Welp, Greg liked my joke so much that he pulled off the exit and soon found ourselves at the Old Country Store indulging in buttery blueberry pancakes. I had actually only been to Cracker Barrel maybe twice in my life, while Greg grew up eating there fairly often. We reminisced on our childhoods, remembering certain things our parents and grandparents always cooked for breakfast. Breakfast time and breakfast foods in general bring back some good memories. 
quinoa burger
Skipping right along to Sunday’s dinner now. I made quiona burgers that were simply delicious. I’ll tell you more about those another day soon!
What was the tastiest thing you ate this weekend?

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