Sunday Blessings – When Life Becomes a Blur

This is what it looks like to go to the gym during a monsoon. I unsuccessfully hurdled over puddles, mostly because they weren’t puddles at all. Our parking lot was basically a giant shallow pool, some sections more deep than others. I made it to the clubhouse, where our fitness is, with soaked shoes wishing I brought a dry pair of socks. Not the most ideal conditions for a run, but life goes on. 
I need exercise to keep going. I crave exercise when I’m not up and moving enough or when my mind can’t think straight. It calms me (despite any pain showing on my face) no matter how slow and steady or intense I make it. That’s why I trudge through the rain to fit in my workout. It’s worth it in the end. 
Throughout the past several weeks, I’ve slowly added new commitments to my life. I’m excited about the opportunities coming my way, but the timing of it all made me feel especially scattered this week. We’re in the middle of buying a house, which doesn’t help. (Sure, I’m thrilled, but it’s just about the most complicated process EVER! Enough with the paperwork and signatures already. Geesh.)
I want to do more and more, but then I suddenly worried that I may be taking on more than I should. Should I cut back? If so, what do I leave behind and what do I keep on my schedule? 
The one thing that is for sure is that God is always by my side. I am constantly praying these days for his guidance, for his path for me to be made clear, for my choices to reflect his will. Through this whirlwind of events that we call life, I am giving all of my worries to God. 

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