Hello, Remember Me?

Hi Friends. I’m just checking in today to say hello. Ever since my July Blog-A-Day Challenge, I have obviously struggled to keep up any momentum. Here we are half way through August and this will be my second post. Whoops.
If you’ve been around for awhile, you know that my work schedule gets a bit off during the first several weeks of a new school semester. Well, that time has come again. Today I work 1-10pm. While getting off at 10pm is not the best, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sleep in this morning. And boyyyy did I take advantage of that. I didn’t wake up until 8:15. It was glorious. On top of that, despite the gray, gloomy rain clouds hovering over the city today, the high is 78 degrees. Excuse me, what?! Yes, you heard me. 78 degrees. Charleston, South Carolina. Middle of August. True story.
I’m off to workout right now. Sorry to be so boring today. I’ll try to be more interesting soon 🙂
Have a fabulous day!

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