July Blog-A-Day #31: The End of the Challenge

We have reached the end of July and the end of my blog-a-day challenge! I fell a day behind, so I’m making it up with two posts today. I wanted to do a quick wrap-up of the month and this challenge in general.

We started out the month by sharing the story of my life. I gave you advice, gave thanks, walked you through my daily routine, and of course talked about delicious food.

I learned that blogging every single day is hard work. I wasn’t expecting it to be easy, that’s why it’s called a challenge. While I am proud of sticking with it, I am looking forward to getting back on a more moderate schedule of posting. This will allow me to spend more time focused on the present with my family and friends. BALANCE IS KEY.

I talked this morning about celebrating CMC’s second birthday. It’s a bittersweet time for me though, because tomorrow will be the second anniversary of my friend Morgan’s passing. I think about Morgan all the time and miss her so, so much. In planning my wedding this past year, I constantly thought of her and how badly I wanted her to be there on our big day. It was Morgan who helped bring Greg and I together to begin with. It breaks my heart she wasn’t there to celebrate with us and all of our friends in May, but I know she was there in spirit. Two years. I can’t believe this world has been missing her energetic, caring, beautiful soul for two years. God has an angel working for him now and I know she’s looking out for us.

As I end the blog-a-day challenge today, I look forward to spending a few days completely in the moment with my loved ones before I get back to the blogging world. Especially in light of Morgan’s passing, I know the importance more than ever of being there for your family and friends. Time is precious and something you can never get back.

I’m sorry if this post is jumbled. My words may not be making sense. The moral of this scatterbrained story: say I love you every day (actually, multiple times a day), cherish your time with your loved ones, and remember, everything happens for a reason.


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