July Blog-A-Day #27: The Irony of Running in Silence

On Friday morning, I woke up extra early to fit a run into my day. I was meeting my friend Hannah for breakfast at Metto Coffee and Tea before work. I didn’t give myself too much time to exercise so decided a quick run outside would be best, opposed to going to the gym. Something about the quietness in our condo that morning made me leave the headphones behind and take that quietness with me. No music needed for this run. Just the sound of my feet on the pavement.

Or so I thought.

I ended up hearing and experiencing so much more than just my shuffling feet; more than loud music in my ears could have brought me. It was the most refreshing feeling to soak in the sounds around me and appreciate every last one. Call me a hippie or whatever, but I felt so connected to everything around me.

I was sore from a leg workout the day before, so my run was nice and steady (read: slow). Steady enough that I could type notes to myself to remember these senses.

Birds chirping
Cicadas singing
Feet shuffling across the gravel paths and sidewalks
The smell of low tide across the marsh
Water streaming down the man-made waterfall
The smell of chlorine wafting through the air by the neighborhood pool

….heavy breathing.

My Sunday Blessings post last week spurred part of the desire for this quiet time. Exercise isn’t usually what we think of when we hear the word “rest,” but it definitely rests my mind. Eliminating music allowed me to hear God more clearly and I even found myself praying out loud before long.

I find it ironic that by not listening to music, I thought I would be running in silence. In realty, I was able to hear so much more than I would have imagined.

How do you find quiet time in your life?


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