July Blog-A-Day #26: Best Part of the Week

Going along with yesterday’s post, where I walked you through a typical weekday in my life, today I wanted to focus on one of my favorite parts of the week. 
Saturdays are almost always the one day of the week we don’t need to set an alarm or worry about being up for church at a certain time. We sleep in to our hearts’ content…or until Zoey barks enough. This usually ends up being between 8:00-8:30am. 
We move slowly downstairs and spend an hour or so sipping hot coffee, eating breakfast, and watching tv on the couch. Today I ate an apple while waiting for my toast to pop-up from the toaster. Then I spread the slice with peanut butter and drizzled it with honey. Simple and delicious.
I love Saturday mornings because we can hang out in our pajamas for awhile, take our time enjoying breakfast and just relax together. It’s a special time of the week and I am appreciating it more than ever these days. Until very recently, I have always tried to get my workout in first thing Saturday morning. I don’t know exactly what changed, but now when my plans (or lack of plans) for the day allows, I prefer taking it easy in the morning and doing an afternoon workout instead. These first couple hours on Saturday morning are the best. 

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