July Blog-A-Day #25: A Day in the Life

I love a good schedule and routine in my daily life. Like everyone else, each day slightly varies day to day, but it usually looks something very similar to this…
Alarm goes off. I think, “Nooooo.” And hit snooze once, sometimes twice. I roll out of bed, get dressed for a workout, and head downstairs. By this time Zoey has heard me moving about and is ready to get out of her crate. We go outside to ‘go potty’ then come back inside to feed her breakfast. I take Zoey upstairs to take a nap with Greg while I go get my workout on. Sometimes this done in our condo’s fitness center, sometimes outside. 
Back home, I shower and get ready for work. Greg and I take a few minutes to give Zoey some attention before we have to leave. Sometimes I eat breakfast before I leave, sometimes I bring it with me to eat at my desk. 
Time to work away! With a hot mug of coffee nearby, the first hour or so of work flies by. 

I leave the office to go home for my lunch break. I go home every day to take care of Zoey. Between letting her outside, walking around for a few minutes, making and feeding myself lunch, this break goes way too quickly. 
Back to work for the rest of the day. 
Leave work and head home to my little family. 
Greg and I walk Zoey to the park. Unfortunately, this has been eliminated from my routine this past week while Zoey recovers from her surgery. 
Home and hungry! Sometimes we cook a real meal, sometimes we throw together an assortment of random things. Occasionally we go out to eat, but it’s rare for a weekday. Thankfully, Friday evening counts as the weekend where eating out is much more common. Chipotle here we come!
The thing I have been thinking about all day has arrived. Dessert. Publix frozen yogurt to be exact. Duh. Tonight I came up with a fantastic combination. One scoop of the Roadrunner Raspberry and one scoop of the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, topped with whipped cream. And red wine 😉 I usually enjoy my dessert in front of the TV with Greg. This is where we hang for the rest of the night. 
I love a (relatively) early bedtime. Staying up too much later than this on a weeknight is not my thing. I can be a big girl on the weekends and stay up later, but even then midnight is typically my limit. I’m an old married woman now. Ha. 

What’s the highlight of your daily routine?

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