July Blog-A-Day #24: Menu Item Named for Me

I got the idea for this prompt from here

Day 24 (really Day 25, but post 24): If a restaurant were to name something on the menu after you, what would it be? Describe it. 
It probably goes without saying that my answer falls into the dessert category. My family and friends have always know of my sweet tooth, and thanks to this lovely blog of mine, that has only been exemplified. My co-workers know my passion for baking too, as I am always the one bringing homemade treats to share. 
If a restaurant were to have something on the menu named after me, it would be an indulgent dessert big enough to share with a loved who loves dessert just as much as you do. 
The main focus would be a cupcake. Let’s go with pink velvet (like red velvet, but pink), because I just love pink so much. The cupcake would be topped with plenty of rich vanilla buttercream. 
Sitting beside the cupcake would be a giant scoop of the creamiest frozen yogurt ever. It would be vanilla yogurt with chunks of cookie dough and dark chocolate. Somewhat reminiscent of this…in frozen yogurt form (opposed to ice cream). 
Not that I don’t love real ice cream too, but I’m pretty much obsessed with frozen yogurt. And I like to choose somewhat healthier options when possible. 
A glass of red wine may or may not be a required component of this dessert.
To recap we have a pink velvet cupcake, cookie dough and dark chocolate chunk frozen yogurt, and a glass of red wine. 
Now, who owns a restaurant and wants to put that on their menu for me?

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