July Blog-A-Day #23: A Cookie in Disguise

Blogging every single day for an entire month straight is hard. I’ve already missed one day, and I’m determined to make it up. I’ve also already blogged about how I was too tired to write a real post, but it technically still counted toward my challenge because, boring as it was, it was a post nonetheless.

Well. I’m doing it again. Here I am, posting on this 24th day of July (my half birthday! woo!) but not giving you much substance.

I’m not leaving you with nothing though. I’m leaving you with a glimpse of my new favorite bar (hint: see picture above). I don’t eat snack/protein/nutrition bars often, but I picked this one up from a gas station during a road trip a few weeks ago. I didn’t end up eating it then, and it caught my eye when I was rushing out the door this morning needing a quick on-the-go breakfast. Oh my goodness. Along side my hot coffee, this bar was so delicious. It was a cookie in disguise. Mmm, mmm.

Tell me – what other Clif bar flavors do I need to try??


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