July Blog-A-Day #20: Resting to Hear God

Sundays are meant for rest and God made that clear to me in two ways today: the readings and sermon at church, as well as the reading in my devotional. 
Family, friends, work, hobbies…life is busy. The pressures from my “job” can easily take away from my “work” as a child of God. I truly believe my job in the corporate world is fulfilling God’s purpose for me, but I have been struggling to balance it with my growing desire to do more directly for others and growing my relationship with Him. 
Our culture looks highly upon people who are successful in their everyday jobs, working way more than 40 hours a week, earning promotions, more money, etc, etc. It’s awesome to be a hard-working and strive to be better. But after hearing God’s word today, I have been reminded of the importance of resting. Not just resting by laying on the couch and being lazy all day, but finding quiet time away from work, the TV, and even our loved ones to listen to God. Having a one-on-one conversation with God will allow his path for us to be made clear. 


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