July Blog-A-Day #8: A Piece of Advice

I am enjoying the challenge of posting every day through July. Then, amid my cockroach complaints yesterday, I realized these post prompts are getting off track what I really enjoy writing about. I think it’s important as a blogger to open up so you get to know me, but roaches? Really? That’s enough of that.

I’m not quitting my blog-a-day challenge, but I am spinning it around to bring the focus back to food, with a little bit of family and faith mixed in of course. (I think all of those ‘f’s may have just sparked a new tagline…)

Day 8: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

My advice to you: Do yourself a favor and buy this. The original Biscoff brand works too. Bake something with it or eat it straight out of the jar by the spoonful.  A few days later, just when you’re about to shed a tear because it’s gone, grab a mini spatula. Scrap the sides of the jar until it looks perfectly clean. Suddenly you will have yourself an extra two tablespoons of cookie butter. And it will be glorious. 
That’s my advice. Take it or leave it. 


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