July Blog-A-Day #7: The Thing(s) That Scares You Most

Day 7: The thing(s) that scare you most 

I could take this answer down a serious path, but it’s Sunday – just about the best day of the week. Let’s not ruin that with depressing thoughts.

So, what scares me?

Cockroaches.  Ewwwww. Easily the worst part about living in Charleston. Summertime means roaches running amuck (Haha, I don’t think I’ve ever used that word, it just came out.). Last fall, Greg and I moved into a different unit in our complex. We moved up to the second floor, as opposed to the first floor where we lived previously. Besides the basic need for a bigger place with Zoey in our lives, an ulterior motive was the hope for less roaches since we’d be higher off the ground. Although roaches are an occasional occurrence inside, seeing them scurrying across the sidewalks is too common for my liking. I really haven’t seen too many this year, in our condo or elsewhere, but they never cease to make me squirm.

Here’s to a relaxing, roach-free Sunday evening.

See y’all tomorrow!


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