Weekend Eats – Daniel Island Grille, Co and a Cookout Picnic

This past weekend was the first full weekend Greg and I have been home as a married couple. It was fabulous. Friday we had date night at our island favorite, Daniel Island Grille. We spent the rest of the evening in watching a movie. Saturday started out with an exciting trip to the bank to join our accounts. After an unsuccessful stop at a doughnut shop on the way home (it’s a small shop run by an older couple and they apparently just don’t open if they can’t be there for some reason), we had a training session with Zoey, went for a run, then spent the rest of the hot afternoon by the pool. 
That night, we went to dinner with our friends at Co. I did my usual menu research beforehand and found a blog post from Christina about her trip to the restaurant a few months ago. Taking her word for it, I ordered the Yakisoba and it was amazing. The restaurant has a really cool atmosphere and we were lucky enough to be sat in the best booth in the house. 
Skipping ahead to Sunday evening, we fired up the grill to cook veggie skewers and corn on the cob. 
photo 3 (11)

I unpacked some of our new wedding gifts which included a serving tray. I filled up the tray with a bowl of guac, tortilla chips, a sliced baguette, seasoned olive oil for dipping, and wine. We set up a little picnic and enjoyed our dinner outside. I loved it.

photo 4 (6)
The night didn’t end there. I made a small batch of vanilla cupcakes for dessert. Instead of frosting them, I decided I’d make one of Greg’s favorites, strawberry shortcake. We had cool whip and fresh strawberries so it was meant to be. Lucky for him!
sberry shortcake
Now we’re back on the daily grind, but only for three more days. Then we have a three day weekend coming up in Panama City Beach! 
Have a good night lovlies. 

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