A Restaurant Review – Mosaic Cafe

Time is just flying on by isn’t it? This past Thursday was the one-month mark until my wedding. What?!

It also marked the five year anniversary of when Greg and I began dating. It sounds crazy to me to say that. Here we are, five years after it all started, closing the chapter on one part of our relationship and about to begin the next. I need to cherish this last month of being a fiance! Not a girlfriend, not yet a wife. (Yes, I was just channeling my inner Britney Spears with “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.”)

To celebrate this special time in our lives, we did what we normally do for special occasions and went out to dinner. I have had a Living Social coupon to Mosaic Cafe for far too long (in fact, it had already expired, but you can still use it for face value), so I told Greg in the morning that’s where we should go. He didn’t oppose, so after work and a relaxing bike round around the island, we headed to Mosaic.

We had the Smoked Gouda Dip ($6.99) as an appetizer. Sounds good, right? Well…I wasn’t impressed. I only took a bite or two before deciding it really wasn’t worth the calories. Greg agreed that it wasn’t close to what we were hoping.


For my entree, I had the Fit Life Burgers ($8.99): “Spicy, mini black bean burgers, served over spinach, garnished with edamame hummus, cucumber-yogurt sauce feta, grape tomatoes & roasted peppers.”

Unlike the appetizer, the Fit Burgers were delicious! I enjoyed every part of this dish and could feel good about eating such a nutritious meal too. 
Greg had the Charleston Chicken Roller ($9.99): “Grilled chicken, bacon, smoked Gouda pimento cheese, spinach, tomatoes, basil mustard on a tortilla.” (minus the mustard for Greg.)

I asked Greg for one bite and ended up having many more than just that. It was SO good! Especially the pimento cheese. Mmmm, mmmm. We all know I don’t eat much meat, but when it tastes this good, it was well worth it.

I also have to mention they have the most amazing cookies. A co-worker brought some to our office a long time ago and I remember falling in love then. I couldn’t leave without getting one, the only question was what kind would I get?! Although the white chocolate raspberry sounded great, I opted for my favorite cookie flavor of all time, oatmeal raisin. Greg says I always pick the worst flavors, but I’m willing to bet some of you would agree with me that oatmeal raisin is the best. Right?

I polished that baby off in no time…hence the lack of a picture. Let me tell you though, it was super thick, chewy, full of texture and simply amazing.
In the end, we were happy with the meal, despite the disappointing appetizer. If you don’t go for a full meal, I highly recommend stopping in for a cookie. You won’t be sorry.

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3 thoughts on “A Restaurant Review – Mosaic Cafe

  1. Mosaic is right around the corner from my apartment, but I have yet to go. Greg's wrap sounds like what Mike would get – I'll have to show him this pic to convince him to take me there 😉


  2. Mosaic is totally hit or miss for me. Sometimes its awesome, sometimes its meh. Their soups are always good. Their butternut squash (that they have on special in the fall) and their chocolate chili (usually around valentine's day) are amazing!


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