Happy, Happy, Happy

Thank goodness for Friday and thank goodness for peanut butter banana toast. Am I right or am I right?
pb toast

It’s been one of “those” weeks. Not to say it’s been a bad week, just busy, busy, busy. But you know what makes me happy, happy, happy? It’s duck hunting season! Jussssst kiddingggg. I don’t hunt and want nothing to do with it actually.

Okay now I’m just confusing you. Let me explain. Do you watch Duck Dynasty? It’s one of the few “man” shows Greg watches that I actually find entertaining too. Si! Oh my gosh, Si. He CRACKS ME UP! The rest of the show seems so extremely scripted, it only drives me a little crazy, but Si is so funny I don’t even care. The new season just started and one of the new episodes focused on the start of duck hunting season. Phil, the dad/grandpa on the show, always says, “happy, happy, happy.” Maybe you just need to hear it for yourself.


One reason I am happy, happy, happy is because I had such a great evening throwing a bridal shower for my friend and co-worker. We went to Uncorked Wine Bar for drinks and appetizers.

photo 2(6)

It was so much fun celebrating Kaitlyn’s upcoming wedding and made me even more excited for my own. I had a flight of three different red wines – a malbec, merlot and syrah. We munched on spinach dip, a variety of cheeses, mac and cheese, chocolate truffles, and some chocolate chip cupcakes I brought for everyone. So delicious! Oh, and they manager was so kind to bring us all a complimentary glass of champagne! It was the perfect touch.

Uncorked Wine Bar on Urbanspoon
Another reason to be happy, happy, happy? More cupcakes! Not that I really need another cupcake right now, but hey, I’ll take it. 
photo 5
Did you know today is National Employee Appreciation Day? I don’t think there is anything better for our management to express their appreciation like a red velvet cupcake! I’ll be eating this for dessert tonight and cannot wait.

I am also happy, happy, happy, because in a couple hours Greg, Zoey and I will be on our way to North Carolina for a last minute weekend getaway at his parents’ house. I’m looking forward to relax and do a bunch of nothing 🙂 
Have a good one!

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