Weekend Eats 2-25-13

This weekend was bipolar.

Friday and Saturday were filled with rain. Rain, rain, rain. All day. I actually didn’t mind, because it really set the tone for what I hoped my weekend would be: lazy and relaxing. When Sunday turned into such a beautiful warm day, I made myself get outside a bit, but still relished the opportunity to lay on the couch and do nothing.

Before the laziness started, Greg and I hit up Graze for date night on Friday.

We started with the Pomme Frittes – “truffle oil, parmesan cheese and garlic aioli” ($6). From our previous experience ordering these fries, we asked for ketchup to dip them in. I know this is sometimes looked down upon, but honestly the aioli just doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t taste like anything actually. The truffle oil and parmesan are amazing, but I can’t resist just dipping them in a little ketchup.  

The only dish I had previously had from Graze was the Pinenut Crusted Eggplant with a goat cheese couscous. Seriously one of my favorite meals in recent memory. I was sad it is not on their current menu, but also glad it allowed me to try something else without feeling like I was missing out on the eggplant. For my entree on Friday, I had the Pecan Crusted Atlantic Salmon – “Parmesan whipped sweet potatoes, broccolini, warm bacon-maple dressing” ($19). It was good, but I wouldn’t say GREAT.

Greg had the Chicken and Waffles – “Tabasco and buttermilk marinated boneless chicken breasts, housemade waffles, honey butter, pure maple syrup” ($16). That was a first for both of us trying this increasingly popular dish. The couple bites I took were pretty darn good and Greg really enjoyed it too, but in the end I think the maple syrup and waffles were too sweet for his liking.

Graze on Urbanspoon
We skipped ordering dessert at the restaurant, because I only had one thing on my mind. Fro yo!

We stopped at Menchie’s where I got a mix of cake batter, dulce de leche and strawberry yogurt. I kept things super simple and topped my bowl with a spoonful of cool whip and a few cherries. Perfect end to the night!
Saturday is when the relaxation really started. The rainfall made it easy to lay around in my pajamas for longer than usual. After a morning of lounging, I finally convinced myself to get my workout in before it was too late. Once that was out of the way, I had a hot bowl of my homemade vegetable soup for lunch. 
Later that night Greg and I met some friends to go bowling. I hadn’t been bowling in years so it was fun to show off my skills. Ha! Just kidding. I have no skill when it comes to bowling. I only scored 100 points in one of the two games, and that was only because Greg went for me on one turn and got a strike. Anywho, I had been craving a margarita, so that’s what I got to sip on while we bowled the night away. My weekend also included one of my favorite healthy snacks – a golden delicious apple and greek yogurt. 
Weekend Eats

This has been a long post already so make it quick with this one. Sunday involved brunch, as usual. We went to Triangle, as usual. 
I had the veggie omelet, fruit and home fries. We split some cinnamons rolls as well. Oh yeah, and since I gave up coffee for Lent, I was more than ready to have my Sunday dose! Everyone does it differently, but growing up I was always taught that you can, and should, ‘break’ Lent on Sundays. So that’s what I did. I think I downed almost three cups. Giving up coffee has been tough! I miss it so much.

Okay, friends. I think that about highlights all of the most delicious things from my weekend.
What was the tastiest thing you ate this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Eats 2-25-13

  1. Those fries look yummy! We still haven't been to Graze. I always think there menu is a little too unique for Josh to find anything he'd eat…I'll have to go their with friends at some point. The weather was insane. I can't believe its going to rain again today! Rain, rain go away! Yesterday was gorgeous. I love your puppers post this morning. I'm going to request even more puppy pictures 😉


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