Weekend Eats 2-11-13

This weekend was everything I needed it to be and more. 
Things started out with a bang on Friday when Greg and I went to pick up my new car right after work. Woohoo!! Although I never have been too picky about the car I drove (maybe because my first car was my mom’s minivan that I drove through high school), it is nice to now have a smooth ride, that doesn’t sound like a truck that’s about to break down. I hardly noticed some of my old Explorer’s faults, but everyone else seemed to comment on how loud and bumpy it was. 
We drove my new ride downtown to meet up with some friends for dinner at their favorite restaurant, Trattoria Lucca. It was the first time Greg or I had been there and after a long week of work, I was excited to eat some good Italian food and drink some wine with our friends. 
It was too dark to get a decent picture, so let me try to tell you with words…my dish was amazing. I had the Gnudi with Motadella Polpette (Italian sausage meatballs), and an absolutely to-die-for marinara sauce. Oh my gosh. So good. 
For $21, I would have expected a larger portion, especially for an Italian restaurant where large pasta dishes are the norm (in the U.S. anyway, although maybe authentic Italian portions are actually smaller). But it was still plenty of food, so I can’t complain. 
I went on an outdoor run Saturday morning in the beautiful sunshine, then played with Zoey for a bit while Greg cleaned and waxed my car. He’s nice to have around for things like this 😉
Lunchtime came quickly and I reheated a bowl of butternut squash and sweet potato soup that I made last week. I had steamed broccoli and avocado spread on a toasted english muffin as well. That’s my current favorite thing, by the way.
photo 1 (2)
We spent the rest of the day lounging around the house. When dinnertime came, I was craving Mexican. Greg already claimed both of our Italian leftovers for his dinner, so I made myself a bowl of brown rice, pinto beans, tomatoes, onions, avocado and cheese. 
photo 3 (3)
Talk about hitting the spot. 
Fast-forward to Sunday. We typically go to the 9:45am church service and about half of the time we go to brunch after that. Before leaving the house, we decided we wouldn’t go out, but instead come home and I would make brunch myself. We even had orange juice and champagne awaiting us in the fridge. Mimosas were calling our name. 

photo (2)

I made Greg a Southwestern style omelet with the leftover filling from my dinner the night before. This included pinto beans, tomatos, onions, avocado and extra cheese. I stuck with plain old scrambled eggs for myself. 
I also threw together sweet potato biscuits (ohmygoshsogood!) and some fruit for the side. 
This post is already getting too long so let’s skip my nothing-fancy salad for Sunday dinner and go right to dessert. 
photo (1)
Okay, so these are addicting. I only bought them because I needed a chocolately cookie type of thing to use for a crust I was making (recipe coming later this week!) and of course had plenty left over. But not for long. I only wish I had some of this around for a dip. 
That is all my friends. The weekend is over, sad. But the next will be here before we know it! Happy 🙂 

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