I Need Your Help! – Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Hi there! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend with lots of delicious food planned for tonight 🙂
Last week I mentioned spending hours and hours looking at potential rehearsal dinner dresses online. Here we are, days later, and I still haven’t found the dress I have in mind. 
I don’t know where I got this image in my head, but for the past couple weeks I have been visualizing the dress I want:
The dress is either white, cream, or a soft minty-aqua greenish-blue (our main wedding color started out as  “mint green,” but quickly proved itself difficult to match. So now it’s a much more complicated and difficult to explain “soft minty-aqua greenish-blue”). I could go for a blush tone too. 
The dress has spaghetti straps with a low back with a giant bow. 
^^^ That is the dress I want. 
Since I haven’t been able to quite find something similar enough, I am trying to keep an open mind. I just want to make sure the dress is different from something I already own and preferably NOT strapless. 
Here are some of the dresses I have saved for the time being:

I’m not sure if that last one is too risque with the chest embellishments. Thoughts??
At this point I have only spent time looking online – mostly modcloth.com and asos.com
Let me know what you think of the dresses above and tell me where else I should look, either online or in a store. I’m willing to spend $150ish max (basically only if it’s the absolute perfect dress I described above), but less than $100 would be wonderful.
Thanks, friends! 
P.S. 104 DAYS TO GO! 

10 thoughts on “I Need Your Help! – Rehearsal Dinner Dress

  1. I agree that last one is not great for the rehearsal dinner, but I am an old lady so may be outta touch with reality. 🙂 Anything over 29 is considered old at this point, according to my 15yo. #2 is my favorite so far. I can't tell the fabric of the first dress. Hmmm….


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